In the last few years there has been a redefinition of what it takes to project success, not only do you need to look smart but also it is good to look healthy.

I  am not recommending vigorous sweaty pursuits as the only way to tone and change your life but small changes like a good thirty minute  walk three times a week just to strengthen the organs especially the heart will be a huge benefit to you.

So here are ten simple guidelines which should help transform your weight and you will feel a lot better,These guidelines are easy to remember and simple to follow.

1 Eating smaller amounts.

Eat smaller amounts four to five times a day rather then three large meals.

2 Drink Water.

Drink at least a litre of water daily to help eliminate the build up of harmful toxins which trap fluids and fats.

3 Avoid fried foods.

Avoid fried foods and those with a high fat content.Use olive oil in cooking and dressing as it makes food easier to digest rather then animal or vegetable oil.

4 Eating fruit.

Try eating one meal of just vegetables or fruit daily to treat your body to essential natural nutrients for energy and health.

5 Drinks to avoid.

Avoid soft fizzy or caffeine drinks.

6.Eating times.

Do not eat after 8pm unless its a special occasion.Try to keep the evening meal the lightest of the day.

7 sugar or Salt.

Don’t add sugar or salt to your food apart from a little salt when cooking.

8 Alcohol.

Try to have three alcohol free days a week.

9 Manage your stress levels.

Manage stress for your personal and mental health by joining a gym or doing meditation, mindfulness or yoga which is great for the headspace and keeps you focused.

10 Believe in yourself.

It makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive.