The next course will be commencing on Tuesday , 7th February 2023 in Lakeside Hotel, Killaloe,From 6-7pm.
This course is an introduction to modelling under the tuition & guidance of Hilary Thompson.
Having taught TY students in Villiers School for over 35 years she also runs a very successful Fashion Agency so obviously Hilary has a wealth of experience in this field.
This course is for 8 weeks and each applicant receives a Diploma on completion of course.
The training really helps to develop confidence & posture which is very important.
One of the advantages of receiving a diploma is it will help when applying for job interviews and personal advancement.
For further information please contact Hilary by clicking here.


The modelling profession is highly challenging. To remain up to the mark and meet the demands, it is necessary for models to cope with the requirements in the industry. Models should be aware of the fashion and alter themselves accordingly with the new trends. To remain in the limelight you need to be physically and mentally fit. The demand for the new face models is quite high and this has made this career even more lucrative.